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Sharpening Safety

As with other power tool operations, sharpening safety is Paramount! Know the machine that you are about to use. To protect yourself and others from personal injury take the time to review these important safety considerations:

Read, understand, and follow ALL the safety and other information in the Owners Manual that applies to the machine, machines or accessories you plan to use.

  • Always wear proper eye and face protection.
  • Always support the tool that you are grinding.
  • Always operate the machine at the recommended speed.
  • Never turn on the machine with the tool or cutter already against the abrasive.
  • Never connect a dust collection system to the grinding machine or accessory during grinding operations. Sparks and/ or hot pieces of metal could ignite the sawdust or debris in the collection bag.
  • Never perform any grinding operations without the appropriate shields and guards in place and properly positioned.
  • Always inspect the abrasive surface of the disc, belt, or wheel for any wrinkles, tears or cracks. Replace any defective abrasive materials IMMEDIATELY. Always grind with the tool's cutting edge pointing AWAY from the direction of rotation of the disc, belt or rubber bonded abrasive wheel.
  • Never mount the Velcro® Sanding System on the disc sander for grinding operations. The cutting edge of the tool or cutter will dig into the soft-backed sandpaper and throw the tool or cutter from your hands possibly causing injury and certainly damaging the tool and the sanding system.

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