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Honing Molder Knives

Warning: Molder knives should be honed only. Start with a coarse hone (of any type), then progress to fine. Lay the flat face of the molder knife cutting profile on the surface of the hone with the rest of the knife overhanging the edge.

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Figure 24-45. Lay the flat face of the molder knife on the surface of the hone and rub the knife back and forth.

To avoid changing the cutter's profile, do not hone its curved or beveled edges. Hold the knife flat against the surface of the hone while working it back and forth. (Figure 24-45). Warning: Hone ONLY the area of the knife that cuts the wood. Do not hone the part of the knife that is held Inside the molder head. If the surface of the knife inside the molder head is thinned, the knife holding system will be weakened and the knife may break.

Count your honing strokes and hone each molder knife an equal amount. This will assure equal metal removal from each knife and keep the assembled molder head properly balanced. The slight burrs that may be created by honing will be knocked off the cutting edges when the molder knives first contact the wood.

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